The Liquid City
by Curtis J. Hopfenbeck

In this highly-entertaining fiction, America's hottest new author Curtis J. Hopfenbeck, takes readers on a humorous and highly suspenseful trip to The Liquid City.

Shadoe Kilbourne is the consummate intellectual assassin, with an impressive arsenal of both wit and weaponry at his disposal. As Seattle’s most successful nightclub owner and restaurateur, he is also a man of great resource, humor, and humanity. His lethal charms and deadly ideologies are a devastating double-edged sword—brandished at will to put the bad guys in their place and get the good girls back to his. Driven by vengeance, derived from a painful and poignant past we can only speculate on, his ties to the highest echelons and lowest corridors of humanity also make him the perfect middleman for those who seek to solicit his fervor and favor in the hunt for his brand of justice, both inside and outside of the law.

Readers will immerse themselves in the humor, human drama, and high intrigue that encapsulates the industry's best new author, and catapults Curtis J. Hopfenbeck in the literary stratosphere with the first of the 'Shadoe' series in The Liquid City.

"One of the 5 Best Books of the Year!" GQ Magazine

"One of the Top 10 Books You Must Read!" Voice Of The Youth

"Best light fiction book this year! Brilliant! Read it!" Virginia Macari ~ The Haute News

Coming Soon - "The Diamond Paradigm" - The second in the 'Shadoe' series. Due for release in Christmas of 2020.